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Roland Delivers Extended Reality at AED Studios

Starting in September, AED Studios in Lint will offer TV, film and event producers the opportunity to use a high-tech XR studio. Extended reality...

AED Launches Luxibel Mid-Air Disinfection System

AED Group has launched an innovative ‘Mid-Air Disinfection System’ (MADS) for the UK market under its Luxibel brand. Developed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it...

Luxibel IP-Rated PARs Power Up Expression Events

Expression Events has made a major investment in Luxibel’s B PAR180RGBW fixtures for its range of projects, including festivals, corporate and architectural. The team, headed...
AED Display continues to invest in ROE Visual products

AED Display Continues to Invest in ROE Visual Products

AED Display has recently enlarged its stock of ROE Visual LED products with another robust investment. Investing in a series of new products released...

AED Group Expands Yamaha RIVAGE Inventory

After many years of success with Yamaha’s PM, CL and QL series digital mixing consoles, earlier this year Belgian rental company AED Rent invested...