AED Group Opens First Kairos Training Centre in Benelux

Pauline Vernimmen (Internal Sales - AED Display), Bart Van der Perre (Warehouse & Logistics Manager - AED Display) & Roderic Van der Stock (Managing Director - AED Display).

Following an initial investment in to Panasonic’s latest live production platform, AED Group now offers its facilities as a training centre for users looking to exploit the capabilities of KAIROS.

“Introducing a new platform like KAIROS takes a lot of time to train operators and provide the opportunities to use KAIROS in real productions,” said AED Display Managing Director, Thierry Heldenbergh. “By providing a full demo and training facility, we will be able to bring many users face-to-face with the system and give them real ‘on-the-job’ training. Our rental department also has systems available to deploy for productions.”

AED Display is seeing an increase in interest in AV over IP systems for a wide range of applications. “The KAIROS platform is very versatile and scalable. It can be used as a classic broadcast mixer, but also as a complete event production system. In addition, ‘Remote Production’ is a trend that will continue to emerge even after the Corona era,” Heldenbergh said. “Thanks to the full support of the latest IP technology, the control of the show or television production is done remotely without being present at the recording location. Ultimately, this saves a lot of transport costs and the same device can be used more often and more efficiently.”

The new IT/IP video processing platform KAIROS features an open architecture for live video switching with full input/output flexibility, resolution and format independence, maximum CPU/GPU processor utilisation and virtually unlimited ME scalability. KAIROS is not only compatible with baseband signals such as SDI, but also with a variety of other video inputs and outputs, including ST 2110 and NDI. The platform also supports synchronisation with Precision Time Protocol (PTP), making it possible to capture the atmosphere of sporting events and concerts in live video.

“The use of KAIROS by the largest supplier in Benelux confirms the high-end technological capabilities of the platform which is truly a game-changer,” said Koert Devlaeminck, Project Sales Manager ProAV Benelux for Panasonic Business. “KAIROS significantly improves the quality and productivity of live video productions and video streaming services for broadcasters and event producers and will become the standard for the next generation of video production platforms. With the opening of AED Group’s training centre, we can also provide operators in the Benelux with the right training”.

AED will now also act as a distributor of the KAIROS platform as well as Panasonic’s entire ProAV Broadcast range.