Gear Heads: Luxibel launches new series of Pars

Luxibel previews its latest series of pars at AED Customer Nights 2022 and Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

Luxibel has launched a new series of pars at AED Customer Nights 2022 and Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. 

All new pars come with a humidity extractor, which is already widely used in the car industry. 

This humidity extractor uses electrolysis which turns water into gas, so there won’t be any moisture left in the fixture. Ensuring that there is no more trouble with temperature changes and condensation. 

In addition, all units will come with top hats attached to them. This helps control the light spill and reduce the viewing angle to the lens. Luxibel’s new top hat accessory is also compatible with the previous Luxibel B Par generation and models. The largest fixture of the new par series is B PAR360Z – a compact, yet powerful lighting fixture with a seven 60W zoom LED par to create vibrant colours and has a zoom range of four to 45°. 

This makes the B PAR360Z a creative unit that can be used for events, exhibitions, theatre and much more. Meanwhile, the smaller B PAR105RGBW V2 is a compact yet very powerful par with a seven 15W LED engine at a 15° angle. It features high saturated colours, an extensive colour mix, dimming capabilities and fits into a NX34/30V truss. 

B PAR180RGBW V2, however, is a more powerful par with a 1215W LED engine at a 25° angle. These models can be used outdoors and can take a couple of rain showers. 

For long term and heavy-duty outdoor use, Luxibel created the IP66 version of the B PAR180RGBW V2. This par has heavy-duty wired waterproof connectors. With its unique power to size ratio, the B pars are a class of their own.

This article originally appeared in issue #269 of TPi, which you can read here.