Robe Shines at Breda Live

Photo: Binnelouw Katsma

BOD Events from Dordrecht in The Netherlands asked production specialist Unlimited Productions to add an extra level of experience to the 2018 Breda Live, so they brought in some Robe fixtures for lighting the main stage.

Bert Kelchtermans led the lighting element of the Unlimited Productions team consisting of Bart Roelen as main technical producer and Gijs Mulder as the B-stage producer.

They looked at the diverse line-up and the fact that most of the acts over the 2-day event would be playing in daylight, and used these as the 2 main parameters for the design, for which they specified over 100 Robe moving lights; 40 Robe MegaPointes, 56 Robe LEDBeam 150s and 8 Robe  BMFL WashBeams.

The main stage roof, supplied by Gigant, is relatively low so there are less opportunities for creative rigging, and instead, Kelchtermans incorporates new and different fixtures each year.

“I also try to use the newest fixtures to keep visiting LD’s and artists happy” stated Kelchtermans. “they all like the chance to use new tech, and in the past we have had Robe Spiiders, BMFLs, LEDBeam 1000s and others to ensure everything stays fresh and current”.

The roof contained 3 LX trusses, and each one was rigged with 10 Robe MegaPointes.

Alternating between each of these fixtures was a group of 4 Robe LEDBeam150s. Arranged like this, they could create dynamic ACL-style effects as well as fill the entire stage with nice colour spreads.

The remaining 10 Robe MegaPointes were located on the floor and used for powerful backlighting and aerial effects.

The 8 Robe BMFL WashBeams were rigged on the delay towers out in the arena, where they could illuminate and colour the elaborate décor panels around the stage and also swoop around the audience and envelop them in the action.

Kelchtermans chose MegaPointe because it is: “an incredibly versatile high output light that’s equally good in spot, beam and wash mode. It is a luminaire that absolutely has it all including being small and lightweight which was a great bonus working within this structure”

The BMFL WashBeam has been an Unlimited Productions staple at the festival since the light was launched in 2015. “The massive output and zoom make it perfect to highlight the stage deco panels, and the shutters ensure there’s no spillage onto the stage itself, so artists don’t get distracted”

“Special effects lights like the Spikie also give Robe an edge, and with Robe, designers have all the tools they need to creatively run wild” Kelchtermans concluded.

To keep the video setup easy at Breda Live, most bands utilised the ‘house’ IMAG camera mix on offer, with the images beamed onto a solid upstage back wall and 2 side screens that were also part of the stage décor design. The final act each day was a DJ so they appreciated the large canvas on which to play-out their own visual content.

Lighting was run from an MA Lighting grandMA2 control platform operated and programmed by Benny La Maitre, and produced by Unlimited Productions BV. All lighting equipment was supplied by Rent-All and installed by Apexx.