ADJ begins shipping new IP65-rated Hydro Spot 2 

Offering an impressive 15,000 lumen output derived from a potent 320W cool white LED engine, the new Hydro Spot 2 from ADJ is an IP65-rated spot fixture packed with features. From animation wheel, twin GOBO wheels and two prism options, to CMY colour mixing with variable CTO flag and an additional colour wheel, it offers all the tools a lighting designer could wish for. This combination of power and features is drawn together in a robust fixture that can be used both inside and outdoors in any weather conditions, making it the ideal solution for rental and event production companies looking for maximum versatility.

The Hydro Spot 2 is the latest addition to ADJ’s Hydro Series of IP65-rated moving head luminaires, which also features wash, beam, and profile models. It combines its powerful output and expansive feature set with a robust IP65-rated construction to deliver a fixture that is ideal for temporary event production both indoors and outside in any weather. It is also suitable for permanent installation within all kinds of venues, from concert halls to nightclubs, theatres to churches, where its sealed casing design protects its internal components from dust and grime to allow for a reduced maintenance schedule and prolonged operational life expectancy.

At the heart of the Hydro Spot 2 is an efficient 320-Watt cool white LED engine with a colour temperature of 6600K and life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Its light is focused through precision-engineered optics and out through a high-quality front glass lens to deliver a crisp, punchy 15,000 lumen output. Motorised zoom allows for a beam angle variable between 8° and 41°, while motorised focus can be used to ensure sharp pattern projections and aerial beam effects or to deliberately blur projections to create more ambient effects. In addition, two variable frost filter options – medium and heavy – can be used to further blur GOBO images or to generate a soft-edge wash output.

Lighting designers using the Hydro Spot 2 have the creative freedom to select any colour they desire thanks to variable CMY mixing, with 16-bit finetuning. In addition, variable CTO colour temperature control allows for white light illumination between 2700K and 6600K (with 40 preset macros providing easy selection between a range of different options). The fixture also offers an additional colour wheel loaded with seven dichroic filters comprising five primaries (red, blue, green, amber, and orange) together with CTB 5600K and High CRI filters.

The fixture offers two independent GOBO wheels, one with seven slots for rotating GOBOs and the second featuring eight slots for static GOBOs. It is supplied with a carefully curated collection of pre-loaded patterns, however the GOBOs on both wheels are fully replaceable to allow the use of custom-created patterns or logos. To allow the creation of dynamic projected effects, the unit is also fitted with a separate indexed animation wheel. This can be combined with any of the GOBO and colour options to create a huge variety of engaging visual effects that will vastly expand the designer’s creative palette.

Two rotatable multi-faceted prisms are also contained within the fixture, which can be used to split up the output to create wider projections that are ideal for generating aerial effects or break-apart GOBO projections. Both the 6-facet circular and 5-facet linear prisms are indexed and offer variable speed, bi-directional rotation. The LED engine also offers variable speed strobing, along with random and pulse effects, as well as 16-bit fine control over dimming, which allows for extremely precise intensity alteration.

Easy DMX addressing as well as customisation of the fixture’s various operating parameters is facilitated via a large, colour reversible LCD menu display, with six corresponding push buttons, located on the front panel of the fixture. The unit offers a choice of three DMX channel modes (24 / 29 / 36), with the simplified options still providing access to all of the fixture’s key features but without fine control over certain functions. It also supports the RDM protocol, which allows for remote DMX addressing and the feeding back of fixture operating status information to a compatible DMX control solution. 

On the rear panel are IP65-rated locking power input and output sockets (to allow multiple fixtures to be connected to a single outlet) and 5-pin DMX input / output sockets, all of which feature rubber caps to offer added protection when not in use. The fixture is also equipped with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR extended range wireless DMX technology, allowing it to receive a DMX signal without a cable from a compatible WiFLY transmitter or another WiFLY-equipped fixture over a distance of up to 2500 ft. / 700m (line of sight).

A wide variety of customisable options are offered by the fixture, allowing it to be tailored to a user’s personal preferences or the specific requirements of a particular application. These include six selectable dimming modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre & Stage 2), four selectable Dimming Curves (Square, Linear, Inverse Square & S. Curve) and adjustable dimming speed (between 0.1 and 10 seconds). In addition, the LED Refresh Rate can also be adjusted using 68 presets (ranging from 900Hz to 25,000Hz) to eliminate flicker for broadcast or video capture applications and fan speed can be limited (with options for Low, High or Auto) for applications where near silent operation is required. All these customisable parameters can be altered via DMX as well as directly from the LCD menu interface.

Weighing in at 26kg and with measurements of 290mm by 424mm by 597mm, the Hydro Spot 2 is a substantial fixture. However, for an IP65-rated moving head of this type and boasting such a comprehensive feature set, it is remarkably portable. Pan and tilt locks prevent unwanted movement of the head during transportation, while a convenient side bar handles aid with lifting and rigging. Large rubber feet mean that the unit can be placed directly onto a stage or riser, while the supplied pair of omega brackets can be easily attached to allow for truss mounting.

“Since we launched the Hydro Series four years ago, bringing IP65-rated moving heads into the realms of affordability for small-to-medium-sized production companies for the first time, it has proved extremely popular,” enthused ADJ USA National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “However, right from the start we’ve consistently been asked to add spot fixtures to the range. Instead of rushing a product to the market to meet this request, our product development team has invested a huge amount of time developing the IP65-rated spot fixtures that truly deliver the combination of output, functionality and reliability lighting professionals need. Sitting in the Hydro Series alongside the recently announced super-compact Hydro Spot 1, the new Hydro Spot 2 is a punchy, feature-rich, and robustly constructed mover that is ideal for touring, rental, and event production applications.”

The Hydro Spot 2 is shipping now from ADJ distributors and dealers worldwide.