Yamaha CL/QL Series Adds Neutrik NA2-IO-DPRO Preamp Control

Yamaha CL/QL V5.6 firmware includes preamp remote control options for Neutrik NA2-IO-DPRO Dante audio network device.

The latest 5.6 firmware update to the Yamaha CL/QL digital mixing console series features the addition of preamp remote control options for Neutrik’s new NA2-IO-DPRO DANTE audio network device.

“There’s no doubt that the future within the Pro AV market is based on interoperability between different devices within an application,” commented Neutrik Product Manager, Florian Frick. “We have found the perfect partner with Yamaha to enable this feature for better ease of use and enhanced customer experience.”

With the CL/QL firmware update Yamaha added this specific support for Neutrik’s small but powerful I/O solution, adding more flexibility in a network setup for Line, MIC and AES signals.

“Yamaha is delighted to have been able to integrate control of the NA2-IO-DPRO into the CL/QL series with the release of our V5.6 firmware,” said Yamaha Manager of Marketing and Sales Group, Motome Tanaka. “This collaboration further extends the options for CL/QL systems. In combination with the R series, customers can make their systems even more flexible.”

Using the DPRO on a truss for example is a convenient way to establish ambient miking with short cable runs; remote controlling it via Yamaha CL/QL consoles is considered an improvement for a Pro AV work environment.