Organisers of the  #WeMakeEvents campaign have published a full response to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak’s Winter Economy Plan announcement.

The statement reads as follows [sic]: “We welcome the announcement of the new job support schemes in the UK, which will provide a measure of relief for our industry. However, with the increased restrictions that have been announced, it looks unlikely that we will be able to return to work in a financially viable way within the next six months.”

“This means that the majority of businesses in our sector will not be able to generate sufficient revenue to support their contribution towards employees’ salaries, nor will they be able to contract in the huge self-employed community within the industry.”

The scheduled activities include two major events. On 29 September, events professionals are invited to attend a silent demonstration outside Parliament in London. Registration for this event is mandatory via this form. You are invited to bring along a placard demonstrating your personal situation, however, you are advised to keep it non-political.

The following day (30 September) the industry will join forces across the globe at 8pm (GMT), whereby thousands of industry professionals in over 20 countries – from New Zealand to the Faroe Island – will pass the baton across time zones while staging impressive art installations and lighting projections. Featuring the illumination of iconic buildings and monuments as per #LightItInRed will represent the industry’s workforce, featuring projections of cancelled concerts on the outside of venues, with much more to be announced over the coming days.