Slash Enterprises Gears Up with DiGiCo

Slash Enterprises in Hyderabad has recently invested in a DiGiCo SD9 digital mixing console. It was purchased through India distributor, HiTech Audio Systems, New Delhi.

“We were looking for something compatible for our line of work and were introduced to DiGiCo SD9 by HiTech,” said Ronald Daniel, owner of Slash Enterprises. “I was awestruck by the features of the console and instantly loved everything about it.”

Slash Enterprises was found by Francis Daniel, who used to handle DJ events for weddings and corporate shows. The company has now expanded its sphere of work by adding mixing for live bands, as well as church events. Francis’s younger brother Ronald Daniel, an experienced sound engineer, then joined the team and gave the company a new vision. With his help and that of advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment, Slash Enterprises has joined the big names of Hyderabad’s audio rental industry and has added a variety of clients in the live music industry to its portfolio.

“I mix for both indoor venues and open air, live shows,” added Daniel. “The audience footfall varies and the needs of artists are increasingly demanding. For such a diverse array of shows, ease of use is a prime consideration in my console choice and the DiGiCo SD9 is a perfect fit for my scope of work.”

The team at Slash understands what makes the DiGiCo SD9 a class apart and a whole generation ahead, with the ground-breaking console boasting 96 Channels at 48kHz/96kHz. Standard channel processing, whether inputs or outputs, includes Channel Delay, Single and Multi Channel Presets, Dual insert points, Hi- and Lo-pass filters @ 24dB/octave, four-band Dynamic Parametric EQ with band curve selection, DiGiCo’s DYN 1 (Compressor, De-esser or Multi Channel Compressor) and DYN 2 (Gate, Compressor or Ducker).

“The console also offers 155 Dynamic EQ processors, all of which can be assigned to any of the input or output channels,” explained Daniel. “Plus, there are 155 Multiband Compressors, 155 DiGiTubes, 16 gangable 32-band graphic EQs, 12 stereo effects (selectable from a palette of 33), and 12 control groups (VCAs) that allows users to work with flexibility as well as provide precise control. Moreover, using snapshots feature, engineers can now switch between complete configurations in any live environment. Beside these, the SD9 has an array of features that makes it the most preferred and amongst the industry’s best consoles.”

HiTech Audio Systems supports each of its clients with proper, in-depth training sessions on DiGiCo consoles.“Team HiTech are always quick on their feet for any kind of troubleshoot and training and their experts have provided me with excellent technical support for the SD9 console during a live show,” Daniel continued. “It was a wonderful experience to work with team HiTech.”

“We are proud to be associated with Slash Enterprises and believe in providing the very best customer support,” concluded Rajan Gupta, Managing Director of HiTech Audio Systems. “Investing in the DiGiCo SD9 is a valuable addition for Slash Enterprises. We hope that we can enter into further business ventures with Slash Enterprises and ascend to the peak of success together.”