Rock in the Budapest Park with Vad Fruttik

Photo: Marton Nagy

Hungarian alt-rock band Vad Fruttik (Wild Fruits) headlined a special concert to celebrate the eighth season opening of Budapest Park, one of the largest outdoor venues in Europe.

Lighting designer Peter Pálocska from rental company Lajter Light – also based in the Hungarian capital – designed a production lighting scheme to ensure the band and their 8,500 fans rocking up for the show enjoyed a memorable night out.

Part of his very distinctive luminescent styling for this show was a back wall of 72 Robe Spiider LED wash beam fixtures, which added drama and excitement to the visual picture.

Peter has lit many other concerts in Budapest Park, which is a very special venue – comprising a 24m width by 12m deep stage, also with 12m of headroom, and a landmark gig which any Hungarian band is extremely proud to play. Each show he designs there he ensures is unique, different and imaginatively ambitious.

Vad Fruttik trusted him to produce something awesome for this show, utilising a combination of the house lighting fixtures (including moving lights from a competitor brand) and gave him a budget for specials which were the grid of Spiiders, a recent purchase by Lajter Light from Robe’s Hungarian distributors AVL Trade.

Rigging in the venue was the biggest challenge, and, to accommodate his Spiider wall, a combination of flown and ground-based trusses were installed to support the gird.

Spiiders were chosen because he really likes the fixtures as well as for their spectacular colours, amazing central LED ‘flower’ and other effects. On the practical side, it was because they are light in weight and quick and easy to handle and rig.

He ran them in standard mode for the show which gave more than enough functionality on this occasion. With the back wall, he could create high impact silhouettes. “Spiiders were the only fixtures capable of giving me the precise looks and the right energy for the set” he stated.

With no onstage video elements, all the emphasis was on lighting for visual effects and the Spiiders effectively created a large-scale low-resolution pixel surface upstage that was completely different in texture and appearance. Not having any conventional video onstage was a refreshing change and also helped focus everyone’s concentration on the band!

Peter visualised the light show utilizing MA3D and ran it on a grandMA2 full size on the night.

Lajter Light was founded in 1993 as a family run business and in the early years specialized in lighting fashion shows and music concerts. Peter has been working with them since 1996. They are one of a growing number of rental companies in Hungary investing in Robe products thanks to the hard work of AVL Trade.