Robe MegaPointes Visit Vegas

Celine Dion’s Lighting Designer Yves Aucoin added Robe’s new MegaPointe multi-purpose moving light fixtures to the rig for her popular Celine show at the Colosseum, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Aucoin has worked with the Grammy-award winning Canadian singer since 1989, and Montreal based lighting supplier Solotech, represented by Richard Lachance and François Desjardins, have been involved since Celine’s shows first started carrying a production.

An additional 22 Robe MegaPointes were added to the 300-fixture house rig, set above the 125 feet wide stage. Twelve MegaPointes were positioned on a bridge upstage of the band and these have become real workhorses for this new-look show. They are used for beams, back key lighting and projecting and texturing onto the stage as well as for aerial looks.

Six Robe MegaPointes were situated along the front of the stage, and used extensively when the front curtain is in and the space is smaller and more intimate. Concentrated on the apron, 4 Tait special moving band risers, which illuminate the musicians and provide a second layer of mid-stage beams. “Their fixtures are powerful, reliable, practical, easy to clean and service, this is what I am hearing constantly from my crews,” Aucoin stated.

Aucoin also designed the video and set for all of Celine’s shows, as well as programming and operating the lighting for most. The venue’s Greg Whittle steps in to run the lighting, having learned the show cue-by-cue.