JBL by HARMAN Fuels Elton John’s Academy Awards Party

Audio rental company Mastermind Production Group was hired to provide live sound reinforcement for Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party, which featured a live performance from rock-funk band St. Paul & The Broken Bones in the main tent.

Mastermind needed to deploy a compact sound system that could meet strict weight and size restrictions, while delivering plenty of output and the highest quality sound. Mastermind didn’t know who the talent would be until a couple of weeks before the event, so they also needed a system that could handle any type of performance. In order to achieve these goals, Mastermind selected a JBL VTX V20 rig for its compact footprint, versatile performance and transparent sound quality.

“The VTX system is easy to deploy and the sound is clean, full and punchy,” said Chad Griswold, owner of Mastermind Production Group. “At 88 pounds per box, we were able to hang enough V20 loudspeakers to achieve the performance and output of a much larger rig. The rig sounded great out of the box and we were confident the system could handle any type of performance. We were told it was the best rig they’d ever had at the event.”

The JBL system included 8 VTX V20 loudspeakers per side, 6 VTX-S28 subs hidden below the stage, 6 VT4886 per side for out fill, 5 AC18 for front fill, 2 SRX712M monitors for delay and 2 x VRX918S monitors for drum subs. In addition to the VTX system in the main tent, Mastermind deployed JBL Professional speakers for the entire event.