Highlite Expands Showtec Performer Series



Highlite International’s latest campaign, dubbed ‘The Power Of Entertainment’, is well underway – featuring several product introductions and continues with the presentation of the latest additions to the well-known Showtec Performer series.

Showtec adds no less than seven new Performer models to the already successful Performer range. It starts with a house-light, the Performer Pendant Q6. This offers a 6-colour RGB ALC LED engine with which a very broad colour spectrum can be achieved, resulting in a very high CRI level of over 90. It is very well equipped to be used in theatres, auditoriums and more.

The new models continue with 3 Performer 1500 units, available as Q6, Tungsten and Daylight luminaires. The Daylight version has a colour temperature range between 4000K and 6500K while the Tungsten version starts at 2700K until 4500K. Controlling each unit can be done via DMX but for quick changes in any setup manual control is available as well. The manual zoom, approachable on both sides of the unit, delivers a beam angle ranging from 10° to 50°.

If more output is required, then the Performer 2500 models offer the right solution. They are also available as Q6, Tungsten and Daylight with the same functionalities and DMX-channels as the 1500 units. This makes it very easy to use the various models in one setup. The difference between the 1500 and the 2500 is a stronger LED engine and a wider zoom range which goes up to 60°. The CRI-levels are 90 for the Q6 units and 95 for the Tungsten and the Daylight Performers.