eps Introduces GIGS Barrier on Harry Styles Tour

eps introduces GIGS Barrier Innovation on tour with Harry Styles.

eps accompanied a successful series of dates throughout Harry Styles’ first solo tour Harry Styles – Live on Tour in Europe and North America; providing infrastructure support, successfully introducing its latest development, the “flat-foot”-GIGS stage barrier.

To meet the touring challenges of one of the world’s most famous singers, the production team hired eps to provide the infrastructure support. On this occasion, eps’ new innovation, the “flat-foot”-GIGS stage barrier, was part of the tour package for the first time. Compared to the classic GIGS stage barrier, the particularly flat base offers more security for artists and the audience as well as many logistical benefits.

The newly developed ultra-thin base plate almost eliminates any possible trip hazard. Additionally, the flat base allows the seating in the audience area to be built directly up to the barrier. This reduces the likelihood of crowds congregating in front of the seated viewing. Importantly the capacity of the event floor is increased.

The production, which was particularly challenging due to the two-stage design, was made possible by eps´ 150 meters of black GIGS front of stage barriers. In addition, eps enhanced their security features with additional GIGS special elements such as emergency gates, T-corners and 5-degree outside corners. These elements allow the barrier to precisely match and follow the stage design and enable the artist’s safe passage across the floor and through the audience area from the main stage to the B-stage.

Sebastian Tobie, Director Global Operations, said: “We are proud of the successful market launch of the new “flat-foot”-GIGS stage barrier. We are pleased to have been part of the Harry Styles Tour 2018 and the great cooperation of everybody involved”.