Avolites Tiger Touch II Lights Up Dublin’s New Year Festival 

LD Matthew Kilmurry controlled a perfectly synced show for NYE, Allen Kiely

Lighting Designer Matthew Kilmurry, of Kilmurry Design, controlled the spectacular effects of the Dublin New Year Festival using two Avolites Tiger Touch II consoles. The festival was witnessed by thousands of people at the landmark Custom House and River Liffey.

“My brief for the event was to light up the sky and surrounding areas of Custom House Quay in Dublin city centre. The lighting needed to be dynamic, original and totally in-sync with the six-minute music piece that played at midnight,” said Kilmurry. “I pre-programmed to timecode, using Capture and a Tiger Touch II at home before the event – there were about 300 cues in six minutes. I was really impressed with the timecode features in Avolites’ Titan operating system – the timecode learning really saved me so much time and the fact you can run infinite cue lists from the same timecode input.”

Both Avolites Tiger Touch II consoles were supplied by Production Services Ireland, with Ciaran Donnelly serving as Project Manager. As the site was so large, Kilmurry positioned one Avolites Tiger Touch II on each side of the river, networked so they could both be used at the same time, editing and updating palettes.

“We also had a router on each side of the river, enabling me to use the Titan app. This meant that I could walk along the river, see positions from different angles and update the console from the app on my phone,” Kilmurry continued. “To be honest, the job would have been very difficult if it wasn’t for the mobility the app provided.”

Kilmurry’s rig consisted of; 80 TourPro LightSky AquaBeams, 80 SGM P5 LED, 30 CLF Ares, 60 CLF Yara, 20 Prolights Panorama IP Airbeam, 10 3k AO Searchlights and 12 4k AO Searchlights.

In the run-up to the Midnight Moment, organisers staged a Countdown Concert featuring Dublin-based artist Gavin James, Ireland’s own Hudson Taylor band, and rockers, Inhaler.

Kilmurry also designed the stage lighting for the live music elements of the show, specifying an Avolites Arena console for in-house and band operators to control a rig mainly made up of Robe BFMLs, Robe Pointes and Robe Spiiders, supplied by Just Lite Ireland.