WorldStage Remembers: Michael Alboher

Michael Alboher (1967 – 2021)

WorldStage has reported the passing of Michael “Mikey A” Alboher on 24 March 2021.

The event technology solutions company commemorates his with the following heartfelt message [sic]:

“Michael’s long tenure as a video engineer began at Scharff Weisberg Inc in 1994 and he remained a company stalwart until the very end. A friend to many in the corporate event community and a constant source of stability in a volatile environment, Mikey excelled at his profession and was always sought after for the toughest assignments.

“An inveterate prankster, Mikey could enliven the most interminable backstage sessions, but he was also the most generous of technical experts, always willing to share his technical wisdom and experience with others. His passion for the profession was only exceeded by his passion for his two sons, his beloved pups and his time spent out on his boat on a summer day in the Great South Bay. He will be missed by us all.”