WorldStage Introduces Digital Oasis

Dubbed as 'the meeting industry’s first end-to-end solution' for virtual events.

WorldStage launches Digital Oasis, the company’s new comprehensive online hosting solution for the live-event community. Digital Oasis offers an end-to-end solution that includes broadcast-quality content delivery, speaker support, attendee registration and engagement, sponsorship opportunities and data metrics for keynotes, conferences, breakout rooms, presentations and events of all sizes.

Corporations have tasked their agencies, production companies and other creative partners to find an elevated virtual event platform that delivers higher production quality, achieving attendee engagement at the same or higher level of a live, physical event. WorldStage developed the Digital Oasis platform to deliver attendee and production experience vs the peer-to-peer live presentation platforms available to date.

“Digital Oasis brings the wow factor to virtual events,” said WorldStage CEO, Gary Standard. “WorldStage looked at the overall architecture of producing successful live events and built a custom solution for the virtual world. Digital Oasis acknowledges the production process and welcomes clients and partners to design, build and produce their event their way with end-to-end broadcast-quality video and audio.”

Digital Oasis combines live presenters, pre-recorded playback, graphics and slide decks, lower-thirds and graphical overlays, polling, Q&A and other engagement tools in a traditional production environment missing from other platforms designed as internal meeting software.

The production workflow of Digital Oasis includes tech and show rehearsals; stage managers calling live cues, video TDs switching screens, and audio engineers managing microphones, music and play-ons. Presenters can broadcast from anywhere using WorldStage’s pre-configured xStreamPro remote presenter kits. Or they can take advantage of WorldStage’s East Coast and West Coast studios, which are equipped with LED video walls, video projection and display technologies.

“Digital Oasis is created by production professionals for production professionals. We provide the technology backbone and expert technical team to make events of any size happen with ease and with a production workflow that clients understand,” reported Josh Perlman, Digital Oasis Project Director at WorldStage. “We supply an ecosystem for highly secure signal management, capture and rock-solid content distribution that’s scalable for 1-500,000 users per event.”

The key components that make up the Digital Oasis ecosystem include the full-service production cloud Studio, the client interface Control Center, the Virtual Venue website for hosting the event and the xStream hardware solutions managing the numerous ways live presenters connect with broadcast quality to the system.

Digital Oasis Studio is a complete production-ready studio based in the cloud. More than just a cloud switcher, it’s an entire broadcast control room similar in design to those found backstage at a live event – a real comfort zone for producers who get to work in a way that’s familiar and with the tools and resources they know. The studio is operable from anywhere, and is fully scalable with in-house production crew.

Digital Oasis Control Center is the system’s custom backend control software designed with total security and higher productivity in mind. This behind the scenes control portal enables WorldStage clients to build the event, schedule the sessions and design the experience they want. It features data analytics with real-time metrics and end-to-end encryption for unparalleled access, insight and security.

Virtual Venue is a customisable microsite for on-brand messaging and complete engagement with unlimited scalability. This is the customer-facing experience that offers polling, live Q&A, and one-on-one video meetings with presenters and sponsors inside the platform. It also adds the capacity for subtitles and translations in real time.

xStream represents all of the various ways that external presenters stream into the Digital Oasis ecosystem. xStream and xStreamPro remote presenter kits offer turnkey plug-and-play solutions delivered directly to the presenters’ front door. The remotely controlled systems include: broadcast-quality cameras, confidence monitors, bonded network backup, production-level communications, and custom LED lighting packages. xStreamLive and xStreamStage offer physical in-room or in-studio production experiences for hybrid events when presenters need to be in front of a live audience or on a dynamic LED stage.

“Digital Oasis puts you back in control of your event and gives you the opportunity to produce a rock-solid, technically sound show with all of the broadcast tools and expertise that online events need to be successful,” noted Perlman. “It’s the next evolution of the digital events and virtual meetings industries.”

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