Universal Pixels Invests in disguise Inventory

UP’s Ollie Luff.

Universal Pixels has made a significant acquisition of disguise equipment, responding to increasing demand in theatre and an overarching determination to remain at the forefront of designers and production engineers’ needs.

Universal Pixels (UP) has added multiple disguise gx 2c media servers, as well as SDI VFC and HDMI VFC cards, to its rental stock as it continues its expansion in a range of markets. The company, which prides itself on a flexible and attentive approach to all of its projects, made the investment to meet the evolving creative demands of video designers.

UP’s Ollie Luff commented: “We’ve always got a close eye on how the industry is developing and the way in which video is being used. We’re seeing an ever-increasing demand from designers to integrate Notch seamlessly and quickly into their workflows and the gx 2c certainly has lots of capability in that regard. This coupled with the increase to eight 3G HD-SDI inputs and support for a 10-bit HDR workflow made it a future proof solution for us.”

Described as the ‘most powerful server on the market’, the gx 2c excels in GPU processing power, capture and storage, as well as 10-bit and HDR support.

disguise’s Joe Crawley said: As the industry adopts 10-bit display products, 10-bit content pipelines and more dynamic shows, the gx 2c is perfectly placed to deliver the level of quality required as it supports 10-bit content playback and 10-bit displays. The server is also capable of pushing over 38,000 Notchmarks, giving it one of the strongest capabilities in terms of handling generative content.”

UP is known for its work in concert touring, film and theatre, supplying a range of high-profile productions in recent months, including: The Lehman Trilogy, Thom Yorke, Faustus, The Chemical Brothers, The Haystack, Years & Years and The Bodyguard Tour.

Crawley explained the importance of working with dynamic companies like UP: “disguise prides itself on its community of users, we are not in the business of just selling boxes and moving on, we work with and are available to our customers throughout all stages of their projects – pre and post. Having this type of connection with UP also helps us learn and adapt, given the high quality and scale of jobs they work on. We’re very optimistic this relationship will grow even closer moving forward.

“UP are experts in what they do and are fully committed to delivering above and beyond their brief. The projects they work on are always full of energy and life and are a pleasure to experience.”