SSE Audio Founder John Penn Asks for More Industry Support

SSE Audio Founder, John Penn, has filmed a video address discussing the redundancies SSE Audio has had to make in the last week due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on the live events industry. In the statement, he also highlighted the need for more Government support.

“Today is for me an incredibly sad day, our highly successful business has just had to make fifty staff redundant, a quarter of our workforce,” Penn began. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, SSE Audio was gearing up for what should have been its biggest summer ever Penn stated: “We have calculated we would point our speaker systems to a total paying audience of close to 10 million people.”

He then highlighted that the highly skilled workforce behind UK events will have to find jobs elsewhere if there is no further Government support: “If we are forced to make even more of them redundant in the coming months when the time comes to finally get back to work, we won’t have enough of the skilled people left to be able to deliver.”

Watch the full video below: