Signal Expands its Portfolio with DiGiCo

Signal Managing Director, Matthias Reinthaler; DiGiCo Distribution Sales, James Bradley and Thomas Hasenauer, Signal Sales and Technical Support for DiGiCo

Since the beginning of 2018, Signal Sound and Lighting’s brand portfolio and a corporate image has been successfully updated and modernised by its Managing Director, Matthias Reinthaler after they became the distributor for DiGiCo in Austria.

With the distribution of DiGiCo consoles and racks, and conversion and connectivity solutions from the DiGiCo Solutions series, the Signal Team has offered its customers a premium brand in the mixing console segment.

“All good things come in threes,” said Reinthaled. “With DiGiCo and L-Acoustics in professional sound reinforcement and Robe Lighting in professional lighting design, we are currently and optimally positioned for the future. We can provide our event service providers with a first-class mixing console that is accepted worldwide and is at the top of every live sound engineer’s wish list on the Tech Riders in sound reinforcement technology. DiGiCo’s S21 and S31 models also make the entry into the Pro class affordable in the MI market.”

James Bradley, DiGiCo Distribution Sales Manager, welcomed Signal to the DiGiCo family and said: “We’re delighted to be working with Matthias and his team, who are bringing a breath of fresh air to our Austrian distribution. Signal has already demonstrated its commitment to the DiGiCo brand and we’re very much looking forward to seeing more of our consoles in the region.”