SGM Light introduces the Touring VPL to the market

Product Manager, Jason Osterman previews SGM Light’s ‘brightest, quickest to rig, and longest run-length’ direct view pixel product to date.

SGM Light Touring VPL.

What was the idea behind the creation of the Touring VPL?

“Touring VPL is the result of us listening to our customers. Our permanent outdoor installation variant of VPL is powerful and production companies wanted to have that kind of direct view pixel output for the stage, but some tweaks were needed to make it suitable for touring.”

How long did it take to develop the fixture from inception to market release?

“We introduced a few early prototype variants at Prolight + Sound in 2022. After we got feedback from the market, we put together the most requested features and showed that final prototype at LDI. We got a ton of interest and we knew we had arrived at the right solution. We launched the final TouringVPL on 31 March 2023.”

Which key features will lighting designers benefit from? 

“Touring VPL uses four RGB LED chips arranged in a two by two cluster, as opposed to a single larger LED so the entire video pixel linear family is very bright. It can be powered with mains voltage and sent to sACN and Art-Net directly with PowerCON and EtherCON compatible connectors, with no need for a separate driver box. The driver design allows extremely long runs on a single circuit, well over 200ft. The new brackets also make it really easy to rig and install.”

What has the reception been like to this product release?

“VPL users have always loved the output and really were excited to start using the Touring VPL concept. When we told them that we’d managed to get the world’s first production run of a female in-line Ethercon compatible connector, they were thrilled. This was really the missing link to make it quick and easy to cable up.”

How does the Touring VPL system stand out from other products on the market?

“Touring VPL is probably the brightest, quickest to rig, and longest run-length direct view pixel product on the market and as an SGM Light product, it is IP65, corrosion and UV resistant and with an IK09 impact rating.”

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.