MAGIC FX introduces ECO2JET to the market

Following the launch of a brand-new sustainable CO2 alternative for live events, TPi checks-in with MAGIC FX CEO and Founder, Bram Veroude to discover more.

Despite becoming a very popular effect in live events from EDM to rock, the CO2 blast or cryo jet has been the subject of significant backlash due to its environmental impact and the rising costs of gas. To counteract this, the team at MAGIC FX has created a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution – the ECO2JET.

“Resistance to the use of CO2 has certainly increased and we know about the problems with space and installations around stages when using CO2 bottles,” began MAGIC FX’s Bram Veroude. “We’ve seen the popularity of the SMOKEJET grow as an alternative, but the smoke effect cannot compete with the speed and impact of CO2.”

With its compact size, the ECO2JET’s high-speed turbo fan and powered white smoke effect creates an authentic CO2 blast look. MAGIC FX has also developed two different fluid types – one for indoor and the other for outdoor use.

“The special smoke liquid is created from distilled water and creates a thick white smoke effect that disappears quickly, just like CO2,” said Veroude. “One 5l can of fluid can create 13 minutes of effect – the equivalent to 13 large CO2 bottles,” he stated proudly, emphasising the cost-saving possibilities the ECO2JET offers. “The other real innovation has been with the high-speed turbo fan combined with a custom-made nozzle, which ensures the smoke is blown into the air at tremendous speed.”

According to Veroude, this ensures the effect is as powerful and explosive as CO2. “It’s what really sets it apart from other smoke machines on the market,” he stated. Veroude explained how the ECO2JET performs better in low humidity than CO2. “The smoke effect does not depend on humidity,” he stated. “It’s consistent no matter the circumstances. For example, at an outdoor festival when the sun is shining, the smoke for the ECO2JET still reaches 12m compared to CO2, which would top out at 4m.”

Another advancement that has been cited by users who have already got their hands on the product has been the volume of the fixture. With a lower output noise of 95dB compared to a CO2 jet of an average 115dB, the ECO2JET “significantly enhances the overall show experience,” stated Veroude.

Before hitting the market, the ECO2JET was seen on some major stages including Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Lollapalooza and the Eurovision Song Contest. MAGIC FX has certainly been pleased with the response. “The events industry has really welcomed this product with its revolutionary effects.”

The ECO2JET marks yet another product release highlighting MAGIC FX’s commitment to sustainable effects. “The ECO2JET is more environmentally friendly than CO2 and it eliminates the need for CO2 gas cylinders thereby reducing their contribution to the greenhouse effects,” stated Veroude.

“The product also eliminates the need for dangerous goods handling and heavy transport, leading to lower CO2emissions. After introducing the world’s first TÜV-certified biodegradable confetti last year, this MAGIC FX product is a real game-changer for the events industry and the next step in making special effects more sustainable.”

Words: Stew Hume