Rozbark Dance Festival Returns to Silesia with PROLIGHTS

This new dance theatre festival is a ten-day international event, presenting the most captivating dance theatre projects from Portugal, China, Israel, the UK, Poland and across the world. Offering a range of activities aimed at engaging the local community. The festival aims to restore Silesia as an international centre of dance. This is the first and only festival of dance theater in Silesia and Zagłębie.

The Kamea Dance Company Is one of Israel’s most prestigious contemporary dance companies. The company is recognised for its unique style combining strong dramatic themes and intense virtuosic movement. Artistic director Tamir Ginz creates a richly layered world in his colourful and expressive choreography. Kamea is home to 14 versatile and passionate dancers, Israelis side by side with dancers from all over the world, with unique personalities who bring their creative talent to the works. Based in Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev, Kamea tours extensively in Israel and abroad whilst enjoying acclaim from audiences and critics alike. The broad repertoire includes works from internationally renowned guest choreographers.

Mnemosyne by Tamir Ginz deals with the issue of collective identity, community and heritage, celebrations and rituals in conflict with the personal identity that is shaped by individual memories.

This is the third cooperation between choreographer Tamir Ginz and musician Avi Belleli in which they shape a unique statement and further develop Ginz’s intriguing passionate movement vocabulary for Kamea Dance Company.

Kamea Dance Company discussed production needs and fixtures with Teatr Rozbark and looking at the original rider and assessing the desired outcome the teams unanimously chose to upgrade the rig to PROLIGHTS fixtures.

In terms of moving lights, 6 PROLIGHTS ARIA700 fixtures were chosen as key lights for their theatrical finesse, extensive pastel colour palette and powerful 400 Watt LED which coupled perfectly with the powerful PROLIGHTS Starkbar. Selected for not only the use as a light curtain, the PROLIGHTS STARKBAR gave the production flexibility for a massive zoom range depending on the piece. 23 super-slim PROLIGHTS LumiPAR fixtures were used across the rig as a powerful wash light. The ultra-thin design and absence of fans made the PROLIGHTS LumiPAR a key part of the rig. What helped make this Festival so memorable was the outstanding quality of the production, eliciting comments of surprised approval from the Israeli production team.