PROLIGHTS Radionorba Vodafone Battiti Live 2020

PROLIGHTS fixtures light Radionorba Vodafone Battiti Live 2020.

Taking place on 16 to 24 July 2020, Radionorba Vodafone Battiti Live 2020 was one of the most awaited summer events in Italy. The series of concerts – which features a range of performing artists from the Italian pop/rap scene – typically tours the Puglia region each year. This year, due to the restrictions caused by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the artists performed inside Aragonese Castle in Otranto in front of a limited audience.

Mod Srl, which is part of Rooster Srl was the company in charge of the lighting project, deploying a huge number of PROLIGHTS products have been used to light up both the stage and the location. Emilio Lombardi, owner of Mod Srl said: “We had the pleasure to be part of this iconic event again, setting up the lighting design. Our goal was to highlight the venue and the artists in a very impactful way. To do so, we used PROLIGHTS Sunbar, Sunblast, Stark 1000 and Halupix on the backstage, and a total number of 200 Smart BatPlus as light sources among the audience.”

PROLIGHTS Sunblasts recreated the perimeter of four triangles hanging under the stage roof. “The most beautiful detail was that in the middle of the roof, meaning among these triangles, we realised the outline of a heart, logo of the event since the beginning,” Lombardi explained. “The Sunblasts mounted on the outer structure of this heart were handled by Artnetand were installed on the ground and on off stage trusses, working as frame to the external led screens.”

Lombardi enthused: “We couldn’t be more convinced by the choice we made. PROLIGHTS products represent an absolute innovation, as well as being extremely reliable during live shows,” he concluded: “The organisers of Battiti Live 2020 were fully satisfied with the result too. We often make use of PROLIGHTS fixtures to carry out our projects. We strongly believe in this brand and its skilled team, always ready to provide assistance with the utmost seriousness”.