NE-YO’s Champagne & Roses Tour: Transatlantic collaboration enhances timeless production values

Independent production companies in the UK unite with US touring personnel to present a show comprising electrifying showmanship, timeless hits, and modern technology to ensure an unforgettable experience for fans.

In a landscape where the journey from bedroom musician to arena headliner can happen seemingly overnight with the right viral hook, NE-YO stands as a beacon of multi-award-winning talent – delivering 100 minutes of unbridled showmanship backed by cutting-edge production. From electrifying choreography to captivating storytelling, every moment of the Champagne & Roses Tour is a testament to NE-YO’s artistry. With a setlist boasting 26 era-defining hits, the audience is taken on a journey through the evolution of modern, contemporary music.

“We’re privileged to work with an artist like NE-YO, whose authenticity and genuine passion for performance shine through every aspect of his show,” remarked Tour Director, Ronnie Stephenson. “It’s a production that resonates deeply with fans, and the innovative touches we’ve added to refresh his extensive catalogue ensure an unforgettable experience for diehard enthusiasts.”

After successfully completing several UK arena pitstops, TPi accompanied the production crew for the last UK show of their Champagne & Roses Tour before moving on to Ireland and Europe. Sadly, this leg of the tour was overshadowed by the heartbreaking loss of long-time Production Manager, Joe Falcón, who had been with the NE-YO camp for over 12 years, touring intermittently since 2012s R.E.D. Tour.

Insightful, gracious, and incredibly warm, Falcon regaled TPi with stories from the road and underlined the key to fostering a successful and harmonious environment backstage: “My motto is ‘never problems, only solutions’ – that’s what I’ve learned in my years on the road and how I approach every show day. This run has been great; it’s been a blessing to have a good team to work with in the UK, and everybody shares the same philosophy of hard work and togetherness… that’s where my heart is. I’ve been in this industry for many years – I started out watching my dad load trucks as a kid – it is what I love to do, so when you find a team that unites and all aims for the same thing, which is for the audience have a great time, it’s a blessing to be a part of.”

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: Luke Dyson