MovementPass: App Provides COVID-19 Immunity Passport

Norwegian creators join forces to establish an app with an ‘immunity passport’, targeted at the free movement and access of concertgoers following the COVID-19 crisis.

Spearheading the launch of a COVID-19 verification tool, Norwegian-based creators have developed the MovementPass app to ensure the industry is prepared and ahead of the game, when live events can operate again, with corroboration that ticket holders are COVID-19 free.

The mobile phone-based app provides an end-to-end solution that is “simple” and “effective” for users. Designed to be used across the globe, the main feature of the app is to verify whether a concertgoer has COVID-19 antibodies. MovementPass then becomes the user’s ‘immunity passport’, providing confidence in the ability to move freely and gather together safely with those who are not infectious or at risk of contracting the virus.

“We need as many tools as possible at our disposal to get events back to at least 90% occupancy, or the risks are too high for large-scale events,” stated David Norris, the UK spokesperson for MovementPass and Director at Beyond 90. “MovementPass is unique as it is a global solution to a worldwide problem, with my team covering Europe, US, Brazil, Australia, the UAE and South Africa thus far.”

Importantly, Norris underlined, MovementPass is not a testing app. “As vaccines and antibody tests continue to be developed, the app will become the technical resolution to support the medical solution – an authentication tool to certify that people have taken a vaccine or have tested negative for COVID-19, meaning industries can get moving once again.”

According to Norris, verifying each person’s immunity to COVID-19 would be provided by approved medical suppliers in each region. “The MovementPass app connects with medical suppliers to allow them to upload test results into the MovementPass secure blockchain database,” and, Norris noted, without the requirement of additional verification beyond ensuring that any medical partner is properly approved to do these tests and issue the results. “The app provides the technology solution for people to prove they’ve had tests and to share the results of those tests in a way that cannot be tampered with or falsified.”

Norris coined the MovementPass app as a “tool for the future”, making sure the events industry is prepared to provide audiences with safe entry to concerts, festivals, gigs, stadiums and more, with the ability to verify an individual’s COVID-19 status, as part of an easy entry procedure. “The companies that sign-up to MovementPass’ verification system pay a minimal per-use fee, which allows the app to be free for the end user,” he said. “Whenever they receive a vaccine or antibody test, the medical staff upload the results directly into MovementPass’ secure blockchain database, along with information about the duration of the immunity that the individual has.”

This information is then made available via the mobile phone app to registered companies and service providers when the user wants to gain access to a public event. “MovementPass is a positive step in the right direction to get our economy booming again and our much-loved events back open.”

Director at Engine No.4, John Drape, who is among the key decision-makers calling for the events industry to unite and sign-up for an app that verifies ticket holders’ COVID-19 status, shared his thoughts on the app.

“The pandemic has hit the events industry extremely hard, but MovementPass is exactly what we need to help us get back quicker and safer – a pioneering tool that can provide reliable data on a ticket holder’s COVID-19 status,” he added. “I’m calling on my event industry peers to get behind this system. Once it’s in place, individual users can sign-up and access the app as their safe, immunity pass to attend future gigs, festivals and concerts, once again.”

Starting with music promoters and like-minded individuals, the app will focus on a global problem that requires a global solution. “We need to get as many people signed up as possible so when antibody immunity is proven and the vaccine is widely available, we have an international secure way of getting the world back together as quickly as possible,” Norris concluded. “I really believe that the Norwegian team that has created this, and their international working together constructive outlook is what we all need and aspire to.”

This article originally appeared in issue #254 of TPi, which you can read here.