Michael Cannon Acquires Main Light Industries

4Wall Entertainment co-founder and former CEO, Michael Cannon has acquired the assets and operations of Main Light Industries (MLI).

Main Light will remain headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware and will retain all current MLI employees, continuing with the current business model of dry hire rental. “Aidas and his team have built a great company over the past 40+ years,” said Cannon. “Main Light has always been considered one of the preeminent lighting rental providers to the industry and among its strengths are its valued long-term employees like Randy Mullican, Giovanni Ciranni, and Rick McKinney who each have been with the company for over 20 years.”

Cannon continued: “Main Light’s business model of being a dry hire only rental company and providing lighting equipment and soft goods to the production industry is something that has always intrigued me.  They do it exceptionally well and I plan on keeping the company doing just that.”

Main Light General Manager, Randy Mullican stated: “We are excited about this new chapter for Main Light. The new ownership will allow us to take the next step in the natural evolution of the company. We are looking forward to expanding our dry hire services and continuing to be the “go-to” source for companies looking at growing their current and future opportunities without having to invest significant capital into large equipment purchases.”

Founder, Aidas Gimbutas will be stepping away from the company and focusing on other projects outside the entertainment industry. “Deciding to “sell” your business is never easy,” noted Gimbutas. “Of course, a business owner is looking to capitalise monetarily, but I did not seek a new owner based on this alone. I could not have found a better person than Michael Cannon to accept ownership of Main Light. Michael is investing in what is obviously, a tough time for the industry. He is continuing full time employment for our dedicated and loyal staff; he respects our customer service approach, and he is here to not only continue but will strengthen Main Light’s ability to provide our services well into the future. I could not ask for more. The employees of Main Light, our clients, and myself are blessed to have this opportunity and a man of this character to represent the future of Main Light, a company I have given so much, and it has reciprocated in kind.”