Meet the crew behind Roger Waters: This Is Not A Drill Tour

Roger Waters’ latest in-the-round production provides audiences with an unforgettable sonic and scenic experience…

The technical ingenuity of Roger Waters’ latest campaign has perhaps been shrouded by the very thing that has shaped the narrative of his artistic output over the past six decades – politics. With no fears of alienating the room, This Is Not A Drill Tour boldly opens with the public service announcement: “If you’re one of those ‘I love Pink Floyd but I can’t stand Roger’s politics’ people, you might do well to fuck off to the bar right now.” For those who stick around, the reward is a spectacle over five years in the making – an in-the-round production that pushes the envelope of storytelling, boasting 650 sq m of LED, surround sound, a floating tunnel of triangular laser beams, as well as a giant inflatable pig and a ‘tumbling sheep’.

Greeting TPi at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome was Production Director, Chris Kansy, who gave a rundown of the tour’s suppliers, including: Beat the Street, Clair Global, Eat Your Heart Out, Guardian Barrier Services, Kinetic Lights, Major Tom, Nimbus Dirigibles, Road Ramps, Smoking Boots, Strictly FX, TAIT, Transam Trucking, Universal Pixels, and Upstaging.

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: Kate Izor