Making Waves in the live market

Premiering on the tradeshow circuit to much acclaim, SuperRack LiveBox marks another exciting chapter in a long line of Waves Audio solutions.

Waves introduces sound engineers to the SuperRack LiveBox.

Considered one of the leading developers of professional audio signal processing technologies and plug-ins for multiple markets, Waves Audio recently unveiled its newest offering for the touring domain – SuperRack LiveBox. This innovation facilitates a seamless experience in running VST3 plug-ins from any brand, all housed within a single user-friendly box boasting Dante or MADI connectivity options.

“We have been dedicated to crafting solutions for the live market for a considerable period. Given that our development team comprises seasoned live engineers, we possess an innate understanding and familiarity with our clients’ needs, desires, and challenges,” shared Val Kotler, Waves Senior Product Manager. “Our technical support is renowned for its excellence within the industry, providing round-the-clock assistance bolstered by a global network of ground support.”

According to Kotler, Waves SuperRack LiveBox delivers the prowess of studio-grade VST3 plug-ins from various manufacturers to any live production environment, featuring either a Dante equipped LiveBox or a MADI equipped one with ultra-low latency, and the Waves SuperRack Performer audio plug-in host – all encapsulated within a robust 2U rack-mountable unit. “Each of our products undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing. Moreover, we enlist external beta testers to ensure the dependability of our offerings within the mission-critical live market,” he noted.