LIVE Launches Green Webinars

LIVE (Live music Industry Venues & Entertainment) has organised a series of free webinars on how different areas of the business can either be more sustainable, or build and improve on their sustainability efforts.

The webinars are designed to provide information, resources and help for companies and individuals on the topics of offices, touring, festivals, venues and artists as well as management.

The sessions follow on from the Vision and Voluntary Declaration that was presented by LIVE Green recently, and are a chance to provide input and feedback. The webinars are hosted by Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle) and others including Claire O’Neill (AGreenerFestival) and Carol Scott (TAIT).

Wed 16 June, 11am: Offices
Tues 22 June, 11am: Touring
Thurs 24 June, 11am: Festivals
Tues 29 June, 11am: Venues
Weds 30 June, 11:30am: Artists & Management