LIT Live! Deploys CHAUVET Fixtures for Authority Zero

Carlos Katsurayama and LIT Live! reflect on Authority Zero's livestream.

With live shows halted, Authority Zero, was seeking another way to connect to music fans. The result was a livestream concert at the LIT Live! Studio in Tempe. Despite an absent crowd, fans who tuned in to the show got a full blast of the band’s searing energy, thanks to their relentless performance and lighting which featured CHAUVET Professional fixtures.

“We have a great relationship with Authority Zero’s management,” said Chris Brodman, Owner of LIT. “Our company has been their vendor of choice for a long time. Plus, growing up in Arizona we’ve been big fans for many years. So, when they wanted to do a livestream, we were a logical choice.”

To create a lightshow that reflected both the diversity and power of Authority Zero’s music, LIT taped designer Carlos Katsurayama. Drawing on the intense output and gobo features of the Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures in his rig, Katsurayama created a variety of patterns on the stage. This not only endowed the show with a distinct character, it also provided geometry of light that set nicely against the kinetic motions of the band’s members.

Complementing these patterns, Katsurayama animated the stage with fast-moving crossing shafts of light from the Maverick MK2 Spot and the Rogue R2 Washes in his rig. The bright – up to 8,650 lux at 5m – Rogue units were also used to created evocative back and side washes on individual band members. For added intensity in his fully cue stacked show, Katsurayama relied on the STRIKE 1 and Rogue R1 wash.

“When it came to the faster punk rock vibe I make sure to use plenty of movement whether it’s scrolling between gobos or having beams flying through the air,” said Katsurayama. “For the more chill songs, I loved using slow prism rotations with well broken up gobos and a good amount of key light and washes.”

Although the parameters of the livestream format can place limits on a lighting design, Katsurayama and the LIT team, including Brodman and production specialist Cody Lisle, pushed those boundaries to their limits. Breaking an old rule here, trying a new trick there, they took creative leaps without fear in true skateboard fashion.