Lifting the lid on 25 years of Truss Aluminum Factory

Truss Aluminium Factory (TAF) celebrates 25 years of business.

Notwithstanding a global pandemic and a financial crisis, TAF has gained a reputation as a stalwart of the truss industry – from the TAF headquarters and factory in Olomouc, Czech Republic, to TAF USA, TAF Hong Kong, and its newest office that will open soon, TAF UK. TAF aims to continually increase its market share across Europe, the UK, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia via its offices and dealer network, while pushing the standards of aluminium truss and support structures. 

“Our history is filled with many achievements that have contributed to TAF’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality ‘made in Europe’ truss and support structures on the global market, which have earned the trust of its loyal customers around the world,” Rozboril reflected.

“Over the past two and a half decades, we have continuously extended our product range, which includes truss segments with three types of connection systems – quicklock, fork and bolted – as well as towers, roofs and more, to satisfy an impressive spectrum of our customers’ needs.”

Employing 62 people by 2008, Rozboril emphasised that the growth didn’t end there, adding up to some 155 members of staff across the world, which includes 75 welders, and with plans to increase management teams soon. In 2021, TAF was the first in the industry to add a fully automatic, robotic welding machine to its production process, which significantly reduces turnaround times and increases output. TAF is also investing in future generations with a partnership with a tech school in Olomouc.

Over a turbulent number of years, hurdles have existed for the company: “The financial crisis in 2008 was certainly a challenge for us, both production-wise and financially, as well as the COVID-19 epidemic. However, we survived both and even doubled our production over the past ten years. Material costs increased in 2022, but we were also able to weather this storm due to our strong, long-term relationships with suppliers,” Rozboril continued. “We always strive to maintain the high quality of our products and our team of experienced professionals – both in the factory and in the office. As TAF is a family business, we are fortunate that employee turnover is not a problem. We are like one big family.”

Increasing its share in additional markets in the United States, which include sports, government contracts, construction and more, is a priority for TAF going forward. TAF is also looking at expansion into Central and South America soon.

As the company grows, sustainability is of paramount importance for TAF: “We have installed solar panels on the roofs of our production halls, which provide electricity for 25% of our needs. We have installed LED lights in our factory and offices as well, which have decreased our electricity consumption for lighting by 25%,” Rozboril explained.

“We also use HydroREDUXA 4.0 low-carbon aluminium in the manufacturing of 80% of our products. We are the first company in the industry to utilise this material for truss products. This special aluminium is sourced from smelters and foundries in Norway, where the production process of this material is closely monitored to ensure reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.”

Artists are ramping up the volume as productions get bigger and as this pressure rises TAF is aware of the demand. According to Rozboril, this has resulted in the company doubling its production output and expanding its range over the past decade while maintaining the quality and competing with the demand of larger, more complex productions.

Moving forward, TAF plans to increase its portfolio of products and continue building a reputation worldwide. Short-term goals for the company include breaking into additional markets. Meanwhile, increasing the stability of the brand across its customer base worldwide and expanding its production hall in Olomouc, Czech Republic are prospects for the future. “After 25 years of success on the global market, we look forward to keeping our promise of providing solutions for our customers that are consistently delivered on time,” Rozboril proudly concluded.

Words: Alicia Pollitt

Photos: TAF