Patchwork London: Revolutionising sound control packaging

TPi visits Patchwork London’s outstanding headquarters to find out the company’s unique take on the audio market and how the company revolutionises the standards of what can be expected from a modern touring control package.

Patchwork exists in a unique space within the pro audio market, offering bespoke sound control packages that are increasingly high specification but with no PA to speak of. “We’re not ruling out the idea of having PA but we don’t stock any now and the business is continuing to grow,” began Patchwork London Managing Director, Steve White. “Not only in annual turnover but I feel we’re establishing a stronger foothold in the industry and being noticed more – and I think in some ways, emulated – by some big players in the market.”

In terms of control offering, Patchwork has an array of Allen & Heath desks from S5000 to C15000 as well as DiGiCo 338, 225, SD12 and SD11 consoles. “We also recently took on Yamaha PM5s,” stated White, explaining the decision behind what brands to invest in. “The brand of choice comes down to demand. We need to have the desk the customer wants but from our side, it all comes to the packaging and delivery to make it as easy for the crew on the road.”

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: Patchwork London