DirectOut makes further inroads into the touring market

With the German company’s products appearing in multiple racks within the wider audio ecosystem, Jan Ehrlich, CEO and Sales Director for DirectOut, shares how its products have become an essential part of many audio engineers’ toolboxes.

Whether we are interviewing a playback engineer or a team at FOH, there has been an ongoing trend of one brand that has become ubiquitous among the rigs of some of the biggest tours. From Lewis Capaldi’s playback setup through to Coldplay’s FOH, DirectOut’s products – specifically the PRODIGY Series – have become a firm favourite with engineers around the world, offering state-of-the-art conversion, signal routing and processing.

Talking TPi though the growth of the company was Jan Ehrlich, CEO and Sales Director. “The company was founded by audio engineers,” asserted Ehrlich while outlining the original goals the company. Founded in 2008 by famed sound engineer Stephan Flock, the six-time Grammy Award winner with such an intricate knowledge of the sector could see the potential of niche products that could serve a valuable need within the industry.

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: DirectOut