LEA Professional Announces New Distribution Partner in Latin America and Caribbean

LEA Professional has announced a partnership with Polaris Controls to serve the company’s growing customer base in Latin America and the Caribbean. With both organizations led by teams of recognized industry veterans, the partnership will seek to further enhance LEA Professional’s growing customer base in these international markets.

Polaris Controls, which has been operating in the pro audio industry for over a decade, was originally founded by engineers seeking new audio technology that would change the face of the industry. For Co-Founder Ariel Enrique Gutiérrez, LEA Professional fulfilled this vision and more.

“The AV industry across all verticals is changing and it is imperative that companies move with that change,” commented Gutiérrez. “LEA Professional is agile and dynamic, and can easily respond to the changes in the market, not to mention their solutions are intuitive, easy to use and built with integrators in mind.”

For Gutiérrez, it wasn’t just the innovative solutions that drew Polaris Controls to LEA Professional, it was also their alignment on corporate values, in particular the importance of connecting with the industry through a variety of mediums.

“LEA understands the importance of customer care and engaging with your audience via digital tools,” continued Gutiérrez. “They are not simply a manufacturer but a savvy thought leader and educator in the industry, all qualities that we look for in a partner.”

LEA has already seen great uptake of their solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Polaris Controls is looking forward to continuing this trajectory.

“We are proud to partner with the team at Polaris Controls to continue to serve our growing customer base in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Scott Robbins, VP of Sales for LEA Professional. “We have seen a surge in customer demand over the last several months, especially as integrators seek new cloud-based solutions to continue to serve their clients remotely.”

Find a detailed regional breakdown and contact information for all LEA Professional representatives and distribution partners at: LEA Partner Map.