In Profile: Motor Stage Automation

Danish Entrepreneur, Christian Vigso and automation specialist, Blake McNally launch a brand-new operation to provide world-class staging and automation solutions to the live events industry. Both speak to TPi about the origin of the company and their hopes for the future.

Despite the uncertain time for the live industry, Danish entrepreneur, Christian Vigso saw the global pandemic as an opportunity to diversify his offering for the events market. With the help of business partner and automation specialist, Blake McNally, the duo presented Motor Stage Automation. From its Denmark HQ, Motor Stage Automation offers creation, concept development, mechanical engineering, electrical technical developments and specifically customised, made-to-order solutions, together with electrical technical developments.

“I’d been thinking about diversifying into the automation side of the live events industry for some time,” began Vigso, who is also the founder of Denmark’s first and only dry hire company, VIGSO. However, it was only when he came across McNally via LinkedIn that the foundation of Motor Stage Automation really took shape. Having been impressed by McNally’s previous work with other companies in the field of staging automation, Vigso invited him out to visit his company’s HQ. Then, after a conversion on 12 August, they agreed to proceed.

Vigso sees this new partnership as a unique opportunity to combine his entrepreneurial skills and industry track record with McNally’s technical expertise and global resources in stage automation technology. Specifically customised, made-to-order solutions, not to mention electrical and mechanical engineering developments.

Yet with the event industry at a standstill, why was this the right time to provide a new offering to the industry? “Well, there have been some advantages to the current situation,” explained Vigso. “For example, with everyone being at home, we’ve had a lot of time to develop new products as well as have meetings with customers to learn exactly what they would be looking for in an automation supplier.”

Even though there are no events scheduled in the next few months, Vigso explained that it was imperative that Motor Stage Automation was set to hit the ground running as soon as the industry opens up again. “For the Danish and Scandinavian markets, we are now the only local company that can lift designers’ needs when it comes to complex staging and automation. Prior to this, designers’ only real option was to go to suppliers in Germany or the UK – and that can get very expensive. Now, we have a company with a warehouse in Denmark ready to serve the industry.” He believes that their ability to cater for the local market could, in turn, push the production value of events that take place within the region, while simultaneously also offering its services to larger international clients.

McNally also gave his opinion on the gap he thought Motor could fill in the market. “The pandemic could have the knock-on effect of levelling the playing field with various internal changes at major companies and therefore open up more opportunities for a company like Motor to provide service to the market. It’s certainty a time of opportunity.”

Motor has already invested in a range of motion control products and automation technology for the entertainment industry to provide spectacular production design and creative solutions to shows and venues across the globe. It is now in a position to supply stage rail systems, stage lifts, winches, rotators, horizontal movements, multi-axle movement and specifically customised solutions. It’s also offering potential clients the chance for Motor to undertake an entire automation technology production, from risk assessment to specification, supply of equipment and process automation. All services that no doubt will be highly sought after when venues and events open up.

This article originally appeared in issue #260 of TPi, which you can read here.