Gear Heads: DTS Alchemy 7

DTS Sales Director, Raffaella Scaccia explains how Alchemy 7 is set to revolutionise the theatre and television market with a host of new features including a bespoke two-blade framing system.

What was the main goal in the development of Alchemy 7?

With Alchemy 7, we wanted to expand the range and offer a more powerful option that would deliver the same kind of quality in bigger venues. Adding a two-blade framing system and implementing the output power were important goals, but our main priority was offering the same high-quality lighting that the Alchemy series is acclaimed for, and confirming an extensive management of colours and whites.

Which features will end users benefit from?

The feature we’re probably most excited to introduce is Alchemy 7’s two-blade framing system with a 180° full system rotation, which was not present in the other projectors of the Alchemy line. Alchemy’s technical features have also been enhanced, especially its 22,000-lumen output and 800W LED source that assures a brighter light output.

Like its predecessors, Alchemy 7 was designed with the needs of theatre and television in mind. These two fields require incredibly precise projectors that can quickly adapt to any kind of scenery. At the same time, they need to be technically advanced in order to perform and adapt to a lighting designer or director of photography’s highest demands.

What was it like launching a product amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

We’re aware that releasing a new product during these trying times can be considered daring, but we never backed away from a challenge and don’t intend to start now. As you may remember, we launched the Synergy 7 Profile in April 2020. Even though the past year has been hard on the entertainment industry, we decided to keep working and designing new products that would be available when theatres and live shows are back to full capacity. We are happy to report that our stakeholders’ trust in the company has been renewed in 2020 and we want to show them that our priority is to keep growing internationally as a brand and expand our range of products.

How did the pandemic affect the R&D process?

Our R&D team has worked tirelessly to assure that Alchemy 7 is up and running by summer 2021. However, like every sector, we had to adapt quickly amid an unprecedented crisis. Equally, having extra time on our hands provided us with the opportunity to arrange digital meetings and get extensive feedback from global stakeholders and distributors. These meetings were an opportunity to understand what they required in order to grow and perform well.

Where can we expect to see Alchemy 7 in the future?

“Alchemy marked the start of a new generation of products. A lot of Alchemy’s technology will be included in our future projects. Raising quality standards, keeping our production process in Italy and constantly monitoring the market is crucial to us, so that we can respond to our clients’ needs and provide them with high-quality products. Aside from product design, we have several exciting projects going on at the moment, like our return to the American market and our presence at Live Design International (LDI).”

This article originally appeared in issue #263 of TPi, which you can read here.