Six years in the making: L-Acoustics L Series

L-Acoustics Director of Product Management, Loudspeakers, Germain Simon retraces – from ideation to realisation – the steps behind the creation of the L Series, providing insight on the loudspeaker range and what benefits it brings to the live touring sector.

Having debuted at the BRIT Awards with Britannia Row Productions, part of Clair Global; on tour with Helene Fischer with Solotech; at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with support from Rat Sound Systems; and with multiple pilot phase partners including Tokyo Sanko, Novelty, Winly and PRG, L-Acoustics L Series brings a host of benefits to those on the road. With the range becoming available on the market at the end of 2023, TPi checked in with L-Acoustics Director of Product Management, Loudspeakers, Germain Simon to discover more about the system.

Key to the creation of L Series is the pursuit of quality sound and capacity of the system. “The goal is to elevate the experience of the listener, so the audience gets the best possible result out of the system. We wanted to push the boundaries of the existing audio technology, acoustic design, and manufacturing in the pursuit of getting as close as possible to the ideal line source, which was described by the WST criteria from 1992, and the first The Audio Engineering Society (AES) paper by Christian Heil, the founder of L-Acoustics,” Simon stated. “The laws of physics are getting us increasingly closer to matching this criterion.”

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: L-Acoustics