MIDAS launches the HD69 AIR console

Midas Brand Leader, Pete Sadler outlines the features of the company’s latest portable, lightweight mixer.

What was the idea behind the creation of Midas HD96 AIR console?

“When the Midas HD96 was designed we already had the HD96-AIR in mind. We wanted a console that could be navigated and operated without a hardware surface. This meant removing as much navigation from the surface and placing it on to the screen, which would also allow for a scalable console that could essentially be configured as small, or as large, as we wished. We added assignable buttons but they are all supported by screens so the entire surface is completely configurable and can be re-assigned.”

“The AIR was always meant to be a portable console with no drop in features. It’s capable of mixing some very large shows in a very small format. We always pay particular attention to audio quality and never compromise.”

Which gap in the market does it service, specifically for the touring sector?

“If you need an amazing sounding, portable and lightweight mixer that not only allows you to mix a huge number of channels, but also has everything you could need on-board, then the HD96-AIR is for you. We can see many of our end-users incorporating it as part of a larger set-up or where space is limited. Plus, with our comprehensive Heritage D ecosystem, there are many use cases for this console.”

What features will end users benefit from?

“The best thing about the HD96-AIR is that it comes with the exact same features as its ‘bigger brother’ – the HD96-24. That list includes: 144 Inputs, 96 Busses, 24 Matrix, Dual format conversion, Dual Snake, Dual Power Supply, 24 FX slots with a huge range of FX and processors, from Tier 1 reverbs and Boutique Compressors to Binaural processors.”

“The AIR has everything inside to make the best sounding mix, and we don’t say that lightly. There really is nothing that sounds like a Midas. The completely assignable surface enables a very fast workflow for the mix engineer too. The capabilities of this product means it can handle almost anything that’s thrown at it, and thanks to its compact size, it’s the perfect companion to those users that are on the go.”

How can engineers tailor the surface to benefit their workflow?

“One of the benefits of AIR is that it has the same customisable workflow as HD96-24. Plus, you can also add several fader bays (HD96-FB16) and we have native compatibility with Elgato Streamdeck, which means you can have a particular set-up available at the push of a button. Everything should be where you need it when you need it.”

Where can we expect to see the Midas HD96 AIR in the coming months?

“We’re aiming for a Q2 release. There’s lots to do, but the team is dedicated to getting it across the finish line. As soon as it’s out in the world, we hope to see this out with a lot of fantastic engineers who can really put it to the test on their upcoming tours and more.”