Focus Hybrid: ADJ’s most versatile Focus Series moving head

The latest addition to ADJ’s popular Focus Series of LED-powered moving head luminaires, the new Focus Hybrid, is a flexible fixture that functions interchangeably as a piercing beam, sharp spot, or soft-edge wash. Packed with features and affordably priced, it makes for an ideal choice both for production and rental companies looking for maximum versatility and permanent installation projects that require one fixture to serve multiple purposes.

Sitting at the heart of the Focus Hybrid is a powerful 200W cool white (7500K) LED light engine, which offers an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours. This efficient light source is focused through a precision-engineered optical system and out of a large front glass lens to generate a potent output of up to 4,100 lumens. A variety of beam-shaping tools then allow this output to be textured, colored, and refined to generate a wide variety of effects.

The Focus Hybrid offers a variable beam angle of between 2° and 24°, which can be altered remotely thanks to a smooth and precise motorised zoom function. At its narrowest setting, the fixture outputs a razor-sharp beam that is ideal for generating aerial effects, while its wider beam angles are ideal for surface GOBO projections. A motorised focus function allows these projected patterns to be kept crisp at varying projection distances or to be deliberately blurred to create more subtle effects. In addition, the fixture features a replaceable frost filter, which can be applied to further widen the beam angle and soften the beam edge to generate a wash output. A Heavy Frost filter is provided as standard, while an alternate Medium Frost filter is also supplied in the box with the fixture.

An 11 position (plus open white) colour wheel features a selection of dichroic filters, incorporating a good variety of vibrant colour options. The collection of dichroic filters also includes a 3200K CTO colour correction filter, which can be used to achieve a warm white output that is ideal for when the fixture is utilised as a stage wash. Multicoloured effects can be created through the colour wheel scrolling function, which can be activated in either direction and at variable speed.

In addition, the fixture offers two independent GOBO wheels, providing a wide variety of options both for aerial beam effects and textured surface projections. The first wheel features eight slots for indexed, rotating GOBOs. This wheel is supplied pre-loaded with a varied selection of patterns, which have been carefully curated to be useful for a broad range of applications. However, all these GOBOs are fully replaceable and can be easily switched for a Lighting Designer’s preferred options or event specific custom logo patterns. Meanwhile, the second wheel features 15 fixed static GOBOs, which are designed to provide LDs with a useful variety of simple break-apart pattern and mid-air beam effect options, including four beam reducers.

Digital dimming, with 16-bit fine control, allows for precise adjustments of the output as well as smooth fades in and out. The unit offers a choice of six different dimming modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theater and Stage 2), four different dimming curves (Square, Linear, Inv. Squa and S. Curve) and variable dimming speed (from 0.1 to 10.0s), allowing for customization of the fixture for various applications or a lighting designer’s personal preference. The LED light source also supports standard, pulse, and random strobe effects, at variable speeds of between 1 and 20 Hz.

The fixture’s collection of beam-shaping tools is completed by a choice of two rotating prism options: eight-facet circular and six-facet linear. Both offer indexed, bidirectional rotation at variable speed and can be used to split up the output to create wider and more complex aerial effects and surface projections.

A large, full colour, 180° reversible LCD screen on the front panel of the unit provides quick and easy DMX addressing and selection between the fixture’s various customizable parameters. This is navigated using six push buttons to control an intuitive menu interface and offers variable brightness as well as an optional ‘screen saver’ function that will turn off the display after a user selected delay of up to 10 minutes. Located adjacent to the screen is a USB socket, which can be used to conveniently update the unit’s firmware should new versions be released in the future.

Power and signal connections are located on the other side of the fixture’s base. As well as a locking power input socket there is a corresponding output connection, which can be used to allow multiple units to be powered from a single outlet. Five-pin input and output sockets are provided for DMX, alongside a wireless antenna. The fixture is compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR wireless DMX protocol, allowing it to receive a DMX signal wirelessly from a compatible WiFLY transmitter or another WiFLY-equipped fixture over a distance of up to 2500 ft. / 700m (line of sight). 

The fixture also supports the RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol, which allows for remote DMX addressing and the feeding back of fixture operating status information to a compatible DMX control solution.

Considering its impressive output and feature set, the Focus Hybrid is an extremely compact fixture. Its external measurements are 176mm by 278mm by 533mm (L x W x H) and it weighs in at a very manageable 14.1kg, making it convenient to rig, carry, transport and store. It features large rubber feet, which allow it to be placed directly on a stage or riser, and is supplied with a pair of omega brackets that can be used to attach clamps for rigging either vertically or horizontally.

“The Focus Hybrid is a great new addition to our Focus Series,” commented ADJ USA National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Sitting between the Focus Spot 5Z and 6Z. Its 200W LED engine packs a real punch, while its impressive zoom range and additional frost filter allow it to interchangeably perform beam, spot, or wash duties. With the same aesthetic finish and compact size as the other fixtures in the range, it is the ideal companion piece for existing Focus Series users. However, thanks to its extensive feature-set and impressive versatility, I’m sure this new luminaire will also appeal to those looking for a single moving head capable of fulfilling multiple roles.”

The Focus Hybrid is shipping now from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe in early December.