LD Systems introduces MAUI G3 Series

LD Systems by Adam Hall Group revealed its new MAUI G3 Series.

LD Systems by Adam Hall Group’s new MAUI G3 Series includes the MAUI 11 G3 and MAUI 28 G3 models are suitable for mobile use on live stages and in clubs, as well as for weddings and corporate events.

With the MAUI G3 Series, LD Systems has retained the well-known strengths of the MAUI: the MAUI 11 G3 and MAUI 28 G3 also offer a convincing full-range sound with plenty of bass and headroom and can be transported quickly and easily to any event. At the same time, LD Systems has given the new models more amplifier power, as well as numerous acoustic improvements that raise the sound and dispersion behaviour of the MAUI G3 Series to a new level.

The MAUI G3 Series is based on a completely revised subwoofer concept with four bass reflex ports and an enlarged speaker chassis that incorporates the integrated amplifier. With a total output of 1,030 W RMS (2,060 W peak) for the MAUI 28 G3 and 730W RMS (1,460W peak) for the MAUI 11 G3, these column PA systems deliver big, powerful and precise sound in any application – whether being used as a main PA for gigs, as a sound system for mobile DJs, or as a sound reinforcement system in the hands of event technicians at weddings, corporate parties and other events.

Equipped with a 12-inch woofer (MAUI 28 G3) or two eight-inch woofers (MAUI 11 G3) and the latest DynX DSP generation, the subwoofer enables extended and distortion-free reproduction even at maximum volume down to 37Hz (MAUI 28 G3) or 39Hz (MAUI 11 G3). When using a second subwoofer, the bass range can be operated in cardioid configuration at the touch of a button (preset).

The two aluminium column elements are designed as cardioid speakers and provide controlled low-mids to the front and up to 18 dB of attenuation to the rear. With 12 (MAUI 28 G3) or six (MAUI 11 G3) 3.5-inch centre drivers, the phase plugs placed in front, and the two 1” tweeters, the MAUI G3 models provide even sound distribution with constant horizontal dispersion (120° by 30°). In addition, the BEM-optimised waveguide in front of the tweeters transports the high frequencies all the way to the back of the room.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC coding, the MAUI G3 becomes a versatile sound system for wireless playback of background music, backing tracks, and other content. Transport is also as easy as usual, while the improved, invisible connectors between the elements ensure increased stability during setup.

The new LD Systems MAUI G3 Series is available from April. Click on the link to open the explainer video for the new MAUI G3 series from LD Systems.