FENIX sets the stage for Festival de les Arts

Valencians commence the summer festival season with FENIX Stage infrastructure.

Located in the centre of Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia, Festival de les Arts’ seventh edition saw 28 artists from the Spanish indie music scene, such as Love of Lesbian, La M.O.D.A, Lori Meyers, Miss Caffeina, and Dorian, among others, perform in front of over 40,000 live music fans.

Through several rental and lifter companies, such as Babalu Group, FENIX Stage products were present at two stages, a catering zone, one VIP area, commercial stands and a space for children. “With more than 60 distributors across five continents, every month of the year we have big events that increase the factory’s workload. As Valencian manufacturers, our volume of work rises during the spring and summer months. However, thanks to the good weather and the proximity to the beach, the Valencian community is an optimal location for the celebration of summer festivals,” said FENIX Stage Sales Department Director, Julia Niza.

Rodrigo Crespo, Technical Engineer at FENIX Stage, explained why increasing numbers of festivals are relying on FENIX Stage solutions: “The versatility of the truss to build structures of different shapes, heights, widths makes it the perfect tool to transform spaces, quickly adapting them to themes or temporary events. It is a very stimulating challenge to design looking for a way to fit the structures together to fill the whole space creating a surprising, solid and safe installation.”

Due to its easy assembly, creative flexibility, and reliability, most festival organisers opt for FENIX Stage’s silver 29ft by 29ft square truss (SQ-29). “As manufacturers, we like to go to the festival area and interact with the space,” Niza concluded. “Many ideas come to mind, not only for improvement, but also creative proposals that add value to the event or show.”

This article originally appeared in issue #270 of TPi, which you can read here.