Entec Hyperion HP1

Entec has announced the release of its first-ever ethernet network switch, the Hyperion HP1, an intelligent gigabit switch. The latest addition to the Entec Hyperion range includes:

  • Rock solid reliability: engineered and built for the touring market.
  • Intelligent electronics made simple via a user-friendly web interface.
  • 8 industry standard etherCON ports (inc. fail-safe redundancy link).
  • Optical connectivity (via SFP and/or opticalCON).
  • 1Gbps connection speeds to accommodate thousands of lighting universes.
  • Handles all major lighting, sound and audiovisual protocols with ease.
  • No messing around with awkward wings and add-ons to make it fit. Simply slot into a standard touring rack space.
  • The most affordable switch in its class: experience true high-end construction and functionality … without breaking the bank.

The touring-grade device has been designed for life on the road, allowing for the handling and routing of unicast, multicast and broadcast packets with an elegant and intuitive setup.

Additional features include Entec’s peace-of-mind redundancy looping, popular fibre connectivity (SFP and/or opticalCON) and an intuitive, fully-configurable web interface, the Hyperion effectively prioritises professional lighting protocols and is compatible with Art-Net, sACN, MA-Net, PTPv1, PTPv2 and any other TCP/IP usage. Of course, it can also make tidy work of audio and AV signals.