Elation Professional rolls out Proteus Rayzor Blade

Matthias Hinrichs, Elation Professional Product Manager, previews the company’s latest high-powered IP65 zoom tilt bar.

Elation Professional Proteus Razor Blade.

What was the idea behind the launch of Proteus Rayzor Blade?

“We wanted to create a powerful IP65 zoom tilt bar that adds additional creative layers and fits well into our other Rayzor LED fixtures that feature our proprietary background SparkLED sparkle effect. For those unfamiliar with SparkLED, it is a background illumination system of 2W white LEDs placed inside the lenses to create an additional layer of effect, depth on stage and fill idle space with something more inspiring. The strobe lines that flank the lenses across the entire length of the fixture was a concept added to offer the designer a unique hybrid of tilt bar and high-output strobe within the same fixture and same mounting position. It took about 12 months from initial sketches to the product release.”

Which features will prove popular with production designers?

“The large LED lenses and narrow zoom allow good beam separation as it provides more contrast. Alternating between a real beam versus power strobe hits is also visually very interesting. The warm white SparkLEDS allow an additional subtle layer of creative composition that is unique to this fixture type. There are two versions of the fixture –  a Long (L) and a Short (S). 

“The L version with 12 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs weighs 33kg and is just over 1m long. “The S version with six independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs weighs 17.9kg and is just over 0.5m long. The weight reduction was mostly achieved through the design of the cooling body.”

What does the Rayzor Blade bring to the wider Proteus range? 

“There has been no high-power IP65 tilt product in the market so far, and it’s been a big demand from designers to be able to utilise such fixtures in any weather and any stage position. Designers are often looking for something novel that can help them create a more unique show and that’s exactly what the Proteus Rayzor Blade delivers. And it’s IP rated so you can use it in any environment and under adverse conditions.”

Where can we expect to see this lighting fixture on the road?

“The Proteus Rayzor Blade was prominently featured on Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour by Travis Shirley, who said: ‘I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve done that have linear outdoor lights lining runways, staging, etc. where we’ve run a risk with a non-IP fixture, but now we have a solution. It’s the magnitude of what you can do with the light that is really what makes it so special. This fixture is a game changer in terms of a linear outdoor light.’ 

“The Proteus Rayzor Blade has also been used on the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games ceremonies, the UAE’s 51st National Day Celebration, and the Space Needle New Year’s Eve show in Seattle. You can expect to see them on several big tours and live events this Spring and Summer.”