EAW and dB Technologies Support Each Other with Distribution

dB Technologies become the exclusive distributor of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) products in Europe and EAW the exclusive distributor of dB Technologies in the U.S. This agreement provides customers in each region with local order fulfillment and product support, leveraging the RCF Group’s extensive presence in both markets to support its growing customer base.

By distributing each other’s products in their home regions, EAW and dB Technologies will better serve their customers and position themselves for growth into 2021.

“The dB Technology and EAW brands offer exceptional innovation and value to their customers and deserve the best chance to grow globally,” said Arturo Vicari, RCF Group CEO. “A lack of unified distribution in Europe has held EAW back here for years and the star power of EAW will be a big part in lifting the image of dB in the U.S., exposing the brand to even more customers.”