d&b KSL System Defines Bring Me the Horizon’s First Love

d&b KSL System - BMTH First Love 'amo' tour, David Stewart

British rockers Bring Me The Horizon kicked off the European leg of their First Love World Tour in November 2018 to promote the release of their sixth studio album, entitled amo.

Seeing this as a great opportunity to showcase the band’s new music with greater transparency and enhanced LF definition, the band’s Sound Team decided to take the d&b KSL System on the road for one of its first ever major tours.

The hot-off-the-press KSL System is the latest loudspeaker line from d&b, it was designed to deliver all the recognisable features of its SL lineage, from broadband directivity control to advanced rigging options.

Miles Hillyard from SSE Audio Group oversaw the implementation of the KSL and GSL Systems for the tour,  he specified it to complement SSE Audio’s d&b GSL package. “What better way to showcase the new KSL System than on a BMTH tour?” asked Hillyard. “Historically, we have used d&b J8s for their live shows, including the surprise performance at the Reading and Leeds festivals but for this tour, we had the opportunity to upgrade and I offered the KSL System to Production Manager Rob Highcroft.”

The set up consisted of 24 d&b GSL8s and four d&b GSL12s for the main hang, 12 d&b V12s, 20 d&b KSL8s and four d&b KSL12s for side fills, with 13 d&b SL-SUBs. The system was powered by 48 d&b D80 amplifiers.

System Technician Jack Murphy said: “It was our first time using both the GSL and KSL Systems and the cardioid nature of the cabinets was instantly noticeable. Rear rejection levels and cleanliness on stage were noted by the band, Monitor Engineer Jared Daly and FOH Engineer Oliver Hutchinson. We all agreed that the System maintains the d&b signature quality in the HF and the lows and low mid-range are fuller and more defined. We were also impressed with the new SL-SUB, the output and quality of them is something else.”

During the central Europe dates, venues varied from flat floors to arenas to theatres of different sizes and shapes.

“The relatively lightweight nature of the GSL and KSL cabinets means we could always fly the appropriate number, not just enough, whether it was in one, two or three-point configurations,” Murphy explained. “We also used the KSL as a small ground stack in situations where flying points weren’t available, or where a full side hang was not necessary. Even a small, four-box ground stack gave a great full mix.

BMTH tours North America in spring 2019 where SSE will also be supplying a KSL System.