CLF Announces LEDbar PRO and Hera

Elaborating on the current line of lighting essentials, the CLF Lighting LEDbar PRO and Hera are introduced.

CLF Lighting has introduced the CLF LEDbar PRO, a multifunctional linear RGBW LED batten, among its latest fixtures.

Because of the 24° beam angle, the fixture can be used as cyclorama as well as pixel controlled effect machine. 10 Big individually controllable high power RGBW LEDs deliver a rich colour set and smooth HD dimming. Dynamic effects are easily configured by DMX, but the CLF LEDbar PRO is also Art-Net and sACN ready.

Multiple rigging options are offered by the easily adaptable bracket positioning system and the side lock system offers matrix possibilities. The CLF LEDbar PRO can be used outdoors because of the IP65 rating. The LCD display offers easy access to the menu settings and manual control. Power can be connected through PowerCON TRUE1 connectors.

The CLF Hera is an IP65 rated RGBWAUV LED par which features high output and outstanding smooth colour mixing. Rich colours, subtle pastel tones and a very homogenous 30° beam angle are delivered by 12 high power LEDs which can be dimmed precisely by the 16bit dimming control.

A unique single bracket design provides both standing and hanging opportunities, all in a touring-ready aluminium housing. The LCD display offers easy access to the menu settings and manual control. Silent operation is ensured because of the intelligent cooling system. Data and power can be connected through the IP65 5 pin locking XLR and PowerCON TRUE1 connectors.