Shure debuts Nexadyne dynamic vocal microphones

Shure has introduced a new era of vocal precision: the Nexadyne dynamic microphone platform with Shure Revonic Dual Transducer Technology.

Available now in cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns, Nexadyne vocal microphones achieve polar pattern consistency, unparalleled noise reduction, and professional touring performance.

“Nexadyne is the next chapter of Shure’s storied history as the leader and innovator in dynamic microphone technology,” shared Nick Wood, Senior Director, Professional Audio Products, at Shure. “With built-in acoustic signal processing, the Nexadyne platform ushers in a new era of modern live performance that engineers and vocalists can trust on stage night after night.”

To deliver these benefits, the Nexadyne platform is built on Shure’s patented Revonic Dual Transducer Technology. This implemented technology minimises the amount of time and effort required by sound engineers to make performers’ live vocals sound exceptional and cut through the mix.

Most dynamic microphones are designed with only one transducer, the part of the microphone that converts sound into an electrical signal. Shure’s Revonic Technology implements two precisely matched transducers.

These transducers work together to provide a greater range of acoustic optimisation, maximising specific frequencies and minimising unwanted noise. This built-in signal processing delivers a stronger output than traditional single transducer designs, while subsequently removing the need for a traditional pneumatic shock mount.

Implementing the benefits of matched transducers requires thorough attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process.

With Nexadyne premium vocal microphones, performers and sound engineers can be confident the entire audience will hear an acoustically honest representation of their performance with clarity.

Vocalists using Nexadyne vocal microphones will experience greater clarity and range of detail, which enabled more control of vocal nuance and less time either holding back or pushing the voice too hard.

For engineers, Nexadyne vocal microphones achieve improved signal quality, delivering a clearer source signal to work with during the mixing process. The higher output of the microphone ensures engineers can accurately reproduce and balance the performer’s vocals in the overall mix with less corrective audio processing.

Nexadyne dynamic vocal XLR microphones and wireless capsules are available now for £329 / €379 / $299 (US) in both cardioid (NXN8/C) and supercardioid (NXN8/S) polar patterns. Nexadyne capsules will be available bundled with Shure’s digital wireless ecosystems starting this summer, including Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D, and SLX-D.