Remora PRO launches the world’s first head-worn computing platform for audio

Launching at High End 2024, Remora PRO is reportedly the world’s first head-worn computing platform specifically for audio, bringing personalised audio experiences via downloadable plugins to professional users of over-ear headphones and headsets using Sonical’s Headphone 3 platform.

In addition to supporting Bluetooth, Remora PRO also incorporates UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology to create a UWB transmitter and receiver which is fully compatible with all existing headphones and headsets. The wireless platform can also be used with speakers and microphones.

Interest in UWB is growing within the audio sector as it can offer the data rates required for uncompressed Linear PCM Hi-Res audio (i.e. 24-bit/96kHz), with imperceptible latency. However, UWB also suffers from connectivity weaknesses caused by body blocking and detuning when placed close to the human body.

To address these known limitations whilst exploiting UWB’s potential, the Remora PRO design team has incorporated AntennaWare’s BodyWave antenna technology into the build. Specifically designed to address the negative issues of body blocking and detuning experienced by wireless wearable devices, BodyWave antennas offer a solution to ensure a glitch-free link.

“Remora PRO will be used by audio professionals including DJs, audio engineers, broadcast operators, and gamers, so it is vital that the audio experience is not compromised in any way by wireless connectivity issues. Incorporating BodyWave™ technology means Remora PRO can deliver a robust and reliable lossless wireless audio experience with imperceptible latency,” commented Sonical CEO Gary Spittle.

“Remora PRO is truly an exceptional and innovative product pushing the boundaries of what professional users and consumers can expect from their audio experience, and UWB technology is an important aspect of this innovation.  We’ve worked closely with the Remora development team to incorporate BodyWave™ technology, ensuring wireless performance is maximised, even under conditions that would normally be challenging. It’s fantastic to see Remora unveiled at High End in Munich and to be a part of this story of innovation,” added AntennaWare’s CEO and co-founder Gareth Conway.