CHAUVET Professional Lights COVID-19 Secure Seeds Set

Lighting Designer, Lewis Williams creates light art for Seeds with CHAUVET Professional fixtures.

Lewis Williams wove CHAUVET Professional Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, supplied by Mass Affect Lighting, into the lighting design for Seeds – an outdoor dance recital involving 30 socially distant performers from the UK – to create an engaging 3D aura of light around the iconic structure.

As well as providing a supportive geometrical setting for the precise choreographed moves of the holistic symmetry of CHAUVET Professional Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, the illuminated bandstand reflected the performance’s mission of supporting mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I incorporated the bandstand into the design because it provides an awesome surface to bounce lights off of,” said Williams. “Directing light from the R1s onto the roof of the bandstand, I got some stunning color and gobo effects through the smoke. It created an atmosphere throughout the entire area when I bounced light off the roof. The gobo wheels also worked incredibly well on this project creating stunning breakup gobos around the band stand as well as beyond when pointed outward into the sky. So, we engaged on many levels.”

Williams positioned four Rogue R1 Fixtures inside the spacious bandstand to create a square. This arrangement allowed him to point the 140W LED units straight up at the roof or direct them to the center of the stand for solo performances. “I used a lot of fades on position changes, where I would set a 5-second delay on the R1 Spots when they tilted down across the bandstand floor,” he said. “This created a beautiful and slow tilt, which worked really well on specific songs”.

“Having never done a 360 show before, no less a live one, this was a challenge at the start,” continued Williams. “But throughout the afternoon into the evening, I could see the programming coming along nicely, with help from Martyn Sargent from Mass Affect Lighting and Ben Boutwood who helped in the design. Sam Darlington and Grant Ellis (Ellis electrical LTD) were also critical in helping to make this event come to life.”

Invited to provide his services for the one and a half hour-show by Lukas McFarlane, Seeds’ organizer and choreographer, Lewis was pleased not only with the final results, but also by how this project opened his mind to new possibilities. “This was inspiring,” he said, “not only for me, but for everyone who came out to enjoy this awareness-raising show.”