Chauvet Brings Kozzmozz Festival to Life

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Providing visual support to Kozzmozz Festival 2018 was Vince de Schinckel stunning lightshow, powered by Chauvet Professional Maverick and STRIKE fixtures; supplied by Euro PA.

De Schinckel deployed 8 Chauvet Maverick MK2 Washes and 8 Chauvet STRIKE 1 multi-formatted fixtures to create a hard-hitting industrial look that perfectly reflected the festival’s music. While the term industrial is often used to describe the atmosphere evoked by the harsh, stoic and unforgiving beats of techno, it fit de Schinckel’s design equally well.

“For the techno lighting concept, I took inspiration from the linear and angular elements within industrial architecture,” said de Schinckel. “I was able to combine the different looks of my fixtures into one package essential for crafting the hard industrial event atmosphere.”

Central to this concept was the Chauvet STRIKE 1 fixtures, which were suspended from trussing extending out into the cavernous yet beautiful Vooruit concert hall venue. Thanks to its 230W bold audience blinding and strobe effects, the STRIKE units created a number of intense and engaging looks for techno sets.

“The STRIKE 1 is a very powerful fixture,” said de Schinckel. “The strobe/blinding combo coupled with the tungsten emulating effect really reflected and enriched the raw and sparse atmosphere created by the music.”

Another tool used to build de Schinckel’s industrial powerhouse was the Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Wash. Its punchy Osram RGBW LEDs provided incredibly saturated wash effects to paint the large venue with techno-friendly colour.

“The Mavericks provided incredible colour in the venue,” added de Schinckel. “We provided a general base of colour through that the other fixtures could play off against – not an easy task considering the size of the hall.”

Working in unison with the Chauvet Mavericks were 2 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures flanking the DJ booth.

Drawing upon the fixture’s spot, beam and wash effects, along with its independently controllable prisms and dual gobo wheels, de Schinckel was able to create a number of cutting effects above the central DJ booth on stage.

“The hybrids were great for their tight and crisp beams and their speed,” he said. “I especially used the beam feature to provide linear columns on stage, which I was able to use in combination with other effects too.”